Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Chemical equation balancer
Balances chemical equation and computes reaction stoichiometry.
Molar mass calculator
Calculates molar mass and elemental composition of any compound.
Gas law calculators
Calculate gas properties using various gas laws (ideal gas, Van der Waals, Henry's law).
pH calculator
Calculates pH of any solution.
Article finder
Finds articles by a citation or a DOI in one click
Molecular format converter
Converts molecules from one file format to another. Supports almost all existing formats.
Molecular editor (JChemPaint) (requires java)
Draw molecules online and store images on the server.
Molecular editor (MarvinSketch) (requires java)
Draw molecules and reactions online and stores images on the server.
Shell Calculator
Scientific shell calculator
Integral calculator
Takes integrals in one click
Derivative calculator
Computes derivatives of any function
Limit calculator
Calculates limits (two and one sided)
Equation solver
Solves linear and non-linear equations.
Prime numbers generator and checker
Checks and finds prime numbers
Matrix calculator
Computes matrix properties: determinant, rank, trace, eigenvalues and more.
Matrix arithmetic
Allows to multiply, add and subtract matrices.

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